Industry-Leading Fraud Detection

Industry-Leading Fraud Detection

Improve your traffic quality and save on your advertising spend in just a few minutes.

Industry-Leading Fraud Detection

Comprehensive Fraud Monitoring

Our algorithm analyzes your web traffic in real time and scores each user based on dozens of signals.


Advanced Features

View Your Web Traffic Fraud Score

Not all fraud is the same so we analyze each traffic source to your site and determine the likelihood of it being fraudulent. We monitor your traffic 24/7, adjust your score in real-time and block the appropriate IPs and audiences.

Customize your fraud blocking

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Invite your teammates

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Set usage limits


Account Management

Comprehensive Features to Manage Your Account

Manage Invoicing and Tax Info

Decrease your score to improve your ad performance

Manage Invoicing and Tax Info

Decrease your score to improve your ad performance

Adjust Your Currency

See all the risk factors associated with your visitors

Easy Subscription Management

Decrease your score to improve your ad performance. Decrease your score to improve your ad performance

Invite Your Teammates

Invite your teammates and customize their access & permissions

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How It Works

Block Bad IPs Instantly

We detect your bad users and then exclude those automatically from your Google ads campaign in real-time. You can also manually export IP addresses and upload those to other leading advertising channels.






fraud blocker pixel

Easily place our fraud detection pixel on your website


fraud blocker google integration

Connect your
Google Ads account
with one click


fraud blocker analysis

We analyze your web traffic for fraud


We prevent ads from displaying on fraudulent sources

Fight Google Ads Waste

We protect against the most widespread click fraud activities.


Complex bots can inject malware onto a suspect’s computer which repeatedly clicks on your ads in the background.

Click Farms

Click farms hire workers to click on your ads all day using techniques that appear as if they’re coming from different users.


Don’t think competitors are clicking on your ads? Think again. It’s an easy way for them to drain your ad budgets.

Malicious Publishers

Publishers can load their pages with ads that users never see such as inside a 1×1 iframe or stacking them on one another.

Accidental Clicks

Mobile often place ads in places where people click the most, thus driving up accidental clicks without any real intent.

Vengeful Customers

Unhappy customers will leave you bad reviews and click on your ads. Stop showing ads to them today.

Superior Support

Call, chat or email our team anytime. We love helping our clients prevent waste and save money.