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Click fraud is a massive problem

An estimated $100 billion will be lost to ad fraud by 2023. That’s nearly 20 percent of all digital ad spend. Fraud Blocker solves this issue for marketers with advanced software that automatically blocks traffic from bots and other malicious sources.

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Types of Click Fraud We Detect

Types of Click Fraud
We Detect

Our platform detects some of the most popular and sophisticated fraudulent click activity used today.


Complex bots can inject malware onto a suspect’s computer which repeatedly clicks on your ads in the background.

Click Farms

Click farms hire workers to click on your ads all day using techniques that appear as if they’re coming from different users.


Don’t think competitors are clicking on your ads? Think again. It’s an easy way for them to drain your ad budgets.

Malicious Publishers

Publishers can load their pages with ads that users never see such as inside a 1×1 iframe or stacking them on one another.

Accidental Clicks

Mobile often place ads in places where people click the most, thus driving up accidental clicks without any real intent.

Vengeful Customers

Unhappy customers will leave you bad reviews and click on your ads. Stop showing ads to them today.

Advanced Features That Protect Your Campaigns

Advanced Features
That Protect
Your Campaigns

Our industry-leading service is able to detect fraudulent ad clicks to your website and then block them from displaying in real-time. Reach more qualified users and generate more leads with our proprietary platform.

24/7 fraud monitoring

Click analysis and scoring

email alerts

Customizable blocking rules

Real-time email alerts

Automated reporting

Exportable IP Addresses

How it Works






Fraud Blocker pixel

Easily place our fraud detection pixel on your website


Fraud Blocker Google Ads Integration

Connect your
Google Ads account
with one click


Fraud Blocker Analysis

We analyze your web traffic for fraud


block fraud

We prevent ads from displaying on fraudulent sources

Why We’re Better

Fraud Blocker Based in the US

We're proudly based in the US

Fraud Blocker is fully developed in the United States by a team of former marketing executives.

Fraud Blocker Network Effect

We provide a network effect

Fraudulent sources on other sites within our network can be excluded from your site.

Fraud Blocker Free Trial

We offer a risk-free, 14-day trial

Our 14-day free trial is the longest available on the market today. Try us for free, with no contracts and flexible month-to-month plans.
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Works With Any Website

Easily install Fraud Blocker on virtually any website in less than 5 minutes.