Our mission
is to help businesses succeed online

Our mission
is to help businesses succeed online

Ad fraud is still rampant and our mission is to improve advertising performance by reducing or eliminating clicks from bots and other non-human sources. If your business has experienced fake leads, abnormal web traffic, or low conversions, then we can help.

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fraud blocker reviews

"One of the best solutions to deter malicious traffic"

“The tool is very reliable and the monitoring of the tool is immense wo the great functionality to detect fraud real time and keep the bad actors far from the organic audience.”

Reviewer 1
Syed A.

Fraud & Risk Manager

5-star review

"Very powerful and effective"

“The app is very powerful and effective. It has a lot of options which are really helpful. It’s also customizable.”

Reviewer 2
Pallavi R.

Senior Engineer

5-star review

"They greatly reduced my ad fraud and improved my campaign performance. Highly recommend!"

Their service connected directly to my Google Ads account and updated invalid IPs automatically. This enabled me to focus on managing my campaigns knowing their software was removing the bad sources in the background. They also had a great free trial and a lower monthly price point.
Matthew C.

Senior Marketing Manager

5-star review

"They are continuously improving the software"

“I love all its functions, especially its reports, and customizable interface options. It has saved a lot of irrelevant redirectable links. All its features are relevant and up-to-date, the best thing is they are continuously improving the software so in a way its an emerging yet advanced software.”

Reviewer 4
Devender S.

Operations Manager

5-star review

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"Many advertisers are buying ads not even viewable by the human eye or clicked on by a human finger."

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Mike Schrobo, Founder and CEO

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