what is bot traffic

What is Bot Traffic?

When most people hear the term “bot traffic,” they think of cybercrime or fake social media views. These are both common uses for bot traffic, but bots themselves are not inherently bad. Depending on the purpose of the bots, they

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what is click fraud

What is Click Fraud?

What is click fraud? Click fraud is nefarious activities aimed to generate revenue from ads which are primarily never seen or clicked on by humans. By repeatedly clicking on an advertisement that compensates publishers on a PPC basis, the fraudster

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What is a viewbot?

What is Invalid Traffic?

Invalid traffic has been skewing analytics data and costing advertisers money since digital advertising first took off in the 90s. Invalid traffic comprises any clicks or impressions that don’t represent deliberate, human intent to view the content. They can be

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click fraud report

Report: Click Fraud in 2021

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on email Email This text is placeholder. What’s Wrong with my PPC Campaigns? Just about all who have delved into online advertising have experienced this — you

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