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New Research Report: Quantifying The Cost Of Ad FraudView Now
New Report: Quantifying The Cost Of Ad Fraud View Now

All-New Features: See Our Biggest Release of the Year

New Features

Today we’re announcing our biggest release of new features yet 🥳This is our 6th release of the year with improvements across the board.

Our mission is to help you identify and avoid wasted ad spend and all of these features aim to do just that.

Here’s a list of features we just released today:

"IP Clarity": See new scoring details for every IP

Many of our clients have asked for more details on why we gave an IP a certain score and we now provide that through a unique pop up called “IP Clarity.” Simply hover over the score for an IP address in your dashboard and these new details are shown. Learn more.

Now with lightning-fast sync speed

Detecting fraud and then blocking it quickly is extremely difficult.

We have completely overhauled our back-end system to block bad IPs in less than 2 mins on average. This is a dramatic improvement and one where you should see better results from excessive clickers. Learn more.

"Risky devices": View a new fraud signal

A “Risky Device” is a person’s device that uses an unusually high number of IP addresses, for example.

We’ve always tracked a user’s behavior based on their device, along side their IP address, but now we provide that data too you in your dashboard. Learn more.

Google Ads: Connect multiple accounts

You can now connect more than one Google Ads account to any domain name in your account. All bad IP addresses will now be sent to active campaigns in all of those connected Google accounts.

Note: we are working on multiple domain names in your account to connect to a single Google Ads account. Learn more about connecting multiple Google Ads accounts.

Microsoft Ads: Tack and score IPs

We now monitor and score all traffic from your Microsoft Ads campaigns. We added a filter on every page so you can quickly compare your fraud activity by network.

Note: Microsoft’s API does not allow us to send bad IP addresses to your campaigns automatically. Learn more about blocking fraud on Microsoft Ads.

"Geo Blocking": Block visitors from any country

Geo-blocking gives you an extra level of protection by preventing your ads from showing to users outside of your advertising target area.

Many of our users noticed they have ad clicks from countries they don’t want despite having those countries blocked in their Google Ads account. This can harm their performance, especially if they can’t sell products or services in those areas.

That’s exactly whey we create this feature. Learn more about how Geo-Blocking works.

And more new features...

  • Added currency options for Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Hungary and South Africa
  • Improved calendar picker
  • Added a search feature when connecting Google Ads accounts.
  • Improved customer support system (with expanded help docs, videos, ticketing and AI chat)
  • Minor bug fixes

A couple weeks ago we also published an independent research paper with Juniper research on ad fraud. The findings show that 22% of ad spend is lost to fraud in 2023. Definitely take a look when you have a moment.

There’s no better time to try Fraud Blocker today. Start with our 7-day free trial and see how much money you can save.


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