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Table of Contents: Top 10 Best PPC Tools for 2021

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns in competitive industries can be much more intricate than writing a snappy headline. To learn what converts and what shows up at the top of the search engine results pages (SERP), you need advanced analytics and insights into content and other PPC campaigns from around the web.

The following are the ten most critical tools for optimizing your PPC campaigns to achieve maximum visibility, conversion, and ROI. These solutions range from page builders to productivity pipelines to click fraud blockers. If you’re interested in improving your return on ad spend (ROAS) and reaching more consumers with each campaign, take a look at some of our favorite PPC tools.

1. VWO

VWO is a pipeline for A/B testing that provides full analytics for each of your campaigns, including browsing behavior, interaction data, and user events like purchasing and signups. Users who are not experienced in statistics and analytics can easily understand and apply testing data to optimize campaigns in real-time. The platform accommodates multivariate testing and automatic split adjustments between variations.

The pipeline defines your backlog, campaigns selected for testing, campaigns currently being tested, and successful tests that are slotted for adjustment. The intuitive design provides one-click deployment and other fast-action indicators and valuable resources like click heatmaps. 

2. Unbounce

Good bots are bots that are primarily used to legally gather information to improve the user experience. One of the best bots you can have on your site is a Google crawler. Crawlers catalog and index your web pages so Google can serve up your content in the search results. Without Google crawlers, the internet would be a vastly different place than it is today.

Some bots are used for website monitoring. They monitor loading times, downtimes, and other metrics that provide a health assessment of the site and tell relevant parties where there are bottlenecks and other issues that can be addressed. There are also aggregation bots that gather information from multiple locations to collate in one place

Scraping bots can be good or bad, depending on the intended purpose of the scraping. “Scraping” means to collect information from a website, often contact information. When done legally, the information can be used for research and other wholesome activities, but it’s often lifted illegally.

3. Carvana

There are three options for creating display ads on Carvana’s user-friendly platform: uploading your assets for free, using the drag-and-drop tool to design an ad from scratch, or accessing their library of images for a fee. There are thousands of professionally designed templates to choose from as well. Carvana allows you to invite collaborators to your team to help or approve designs, manage brand assets, and give feedback.

4. Moat

Moat’s front-page headline gives a succinct summary of its value: “Measure consumer attention across channels, devices, and platforms.” Users can discover where consumers spend their time and attention to optimize their own campaigns with better reach and conversion. Moat also measure campaign effectiveness

5. Ahrefs

SEMrush gives you instant insights into your competition’s search engine marketing (SEM) performance with domain backlink profiles and other tools to track and analyze competitor sites and marketing strategies. It’s also a leading SEM tool for your own domain, offering access to over 20 billion high-performance keywords in 130 countries and recommendations to improve your content and SEO.

Apart from data and recommendations, SEMrush is a platform where you can create and track PPC campaigns, draft and schedule social media content, and draft and schedule reports. This is the tool to use if you’re looking to integrate reliable competitor data into your SEM campaigns.

6. SEMrush

Ahrefs is an “all-in-one” SEO platform where you can audit your site to assess your current search engine optimization, analyze competitors, identify the best keywords for your upcoming content, explore high-ranking content across the web, and track your progress as you make SEO improvements. All the tools in Ahref’s toolset are intuitive, so even the greenest junior marketers and SEO experts can navigate them.

7. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo reveals the most shared content and lets you sort by keyword, niche, author, site, period, social network, and more. You can even filter out words to narrow your search to more precise content. For PPC purposes, this information can be used to develop your headlines and descriptions.

Along with articles and content from around the web, you can use BuzzSumo to monitor your own content performance and discover which publications and campaigns achieve the most engagement. According to BuzzSumo’s Home page, they are the “world’s largest bank of social engagement data… built on insight from 8+ billion articles.”

8. Fraud Blocker

Click fraud is the worst bot issue in PPC advertising. Click farms and click bots, whether commissioned by your competitors or by the ad companies who receive your payments, will drive your ad spend through the roof with no conversion or ROAS to speak of. Fraud Blocker uses proprietary algorithms to detect and disarm malicious bot traffic while allowing beneficial bots like Google crawlers through without any issue.

9. Neil Patel

Whether you need to learn about PPC advertising or any other digital marketing topic, Neil Patel is the place to learn. Neil has been recognized as a NY Times bestselling author, Forbes Top Ten Marketer, Entrepreneur Top 100 Brilliant Company, and a top 100 entrepreneur under 30 by President Obama. In addition to online literature about every marketing endeavor you might take on, Neil Patel also offers tools to help you get the job done and services to get it done for you.

10. CallRail

Tracking your phone calls informs your marketing of the most effective “call now” campaigns. CallRail provides the analytics you need to optimize marketing and provides a platform where you can keep all of your calls, text, requests, and leads in one place. You can also automate your call transcripts with AI. CallRail marketing analyses are advanced and customizable for the unique and specific needs of your business.

The platform is a self-paced rollout that starts with core tools for call analytics and offers flexible access to additional tools, like the lead center, transcripts, and form tracking, as needed. This approach allows you to onboard and start implementing data quickly. By integrating customer communications and marketing analytics, CallRail reduces the need for multiple patchwork solutions.

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