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The Best PPC Blogs to Knockout Your Competitors

The Best PPC Blogs

Table of Contents: Best PPC Blogs for 2024

Pay-per-click (PPC) remains one of the essential parts of marketing strategy, and there is a vast amount of resources to guide teams through their journey. Coupled with Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
PPC helps generate more users to your website very quickly to help grow your business.

However, having so much information can be overwhelming. Sometimes the biggest challenge is sifting through all the useless sites to find the diamonds. To give you a helping hand, this article looks at the best PPC blogs to follow today to save you time and maximize your edge over your competitors.

These blogs are in no particular order as they offer their unique value to the reader. Whether you are managing Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or anything PPC related, the blogs below will help you keep up with the latest strategies driving success.

Great PPC marketers must be experts in conversion tricks and techniques. Thus we’re recommending reading OptinMonster’s excellent blog.

OptinMonster is a popular lead generation and customer acquisition tool for businesses and bloggers worldwide. Some of the other blogs we’ve spoken about in this article, such as Neil Patel, even use OptinMonster’s forms. Over 1 million customers use OptinMonster to get more subscribers and customers.

Their blog focuses specifically on lead generate and conversion rate optimization, which is critical to any successful advertising campaign. Definitely give this one a read for some unique tips.

The Unbounce Conversion Intelligence Blog gives expert advice to help readers crush their digital marketing campaigns. The platform offers several products that focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO), landing pages and, more recently, AI-driven content creation.

The blog is one of the best because of the high-quality content with real case studies showing digital marketers why campaigns succeed and fail. Each post is filled with images, videos, and text, engaging the readers with explanations of the problem and solution. The majority of articles are about PPC, but there is plenty of content around landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization, emphasizing their expertise in the field.

Neil Patel is one of the most prominent figures in the digital marketing space for small businesses. Rarely a Google search goes by where his name doesn’t pop up as an authority on the subject. The blog covers everything related to digital marketing, from content and social media to PPC.

The resources tend to be aimed more towards beginners, with several tutorials and step-by-step guides to help you through your PPC journey. There is plenty of videos and visual content to help you gain a solid understanding of the world of PPC.

It’s easy to write Reddit off as another social media platform, but it is an underrated channel of niche PPC information. The PPC subreddit has over 100k members, and due to the nature of how Reddit works, it tends to be more interactive than other blogs in this article.

Discussions on reddit PPC tend to offer more underground tips for marketers which can be a great way to find those gems that your competitors don’t know about. And, again, reddit’s message-board style forum allows genuine conversations to form and provide answers to some of your most pressing PPC questions.

The Instapage blog has over 500k monthly readers. It defines itself as the “original conversion intelligence blog” with a vast amount of rich content to help readers maximize advertising conversions. Instapage has several product solutions which promise a 12% higher conversion rate than those not using the service and their blog is filled with quality PPC content about advertising funnel models, ad tracking, passive vs active advertising, and delivering better ads. Check it out.

WordStream is best known for their platform that helps you manage and optimize your PPC campaigns including offering free keyword research tools.

However, their blog is also incredible with a range of tutorials focusing on different aspects of PPC marketing and advanced new techniques. Many of the articles are in list format, making them easy to digest and providing clear direction for readers on how to take action. The How-To -style posts give step-by-step instructions that help digital marketers become experts in PPC.

AdEspresso is a part of the popular Hootsuite social media platform. Their blog is centred on Facebook advertising but does cover other topics such as Google Ads and other channels.

Many of the posts are in either list format or long-form guides, but each has high-quality, helpful content for PPC marketers. For Facebook advertising, AdEspresso is certainly one of the foremost authorities in the space and worth following if you spend a lot of time on the social media platform.

Our team at Fraud Blocker’s primary goal is to help advertisers eliminate click fraud to improve their sales and PPC performance. We made our blog easy-to-read to help marketers understand the overall impact of ad fraud, the most common types of fraud in the market today and how to prevent it. Definitely a must-read, especially for those focused on lead-generation and sales.

The Search Engine Land blog receives nearly 1 million visitors a month and is the largest site in this list dedicated to PPC and search marketing news. The site is split into helpful sections, letting you see which is most relevant to your area of expertise.

The blog covers daily breaking news stories, industry trends, feature announcements for PPC platforms, updates to search engines, and subject matter expert articles. Readers can also share their insights by becoming a contributor. (see also: Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Journal)

The PPC Hero blog specializes in PPC strategy with case studies and the latest industry news.

In terms of PPC, the blog is perhaps the gold standard for case studies, tips, experiments and predictions about Pay-Per-Click advertising. Posts tend to be mainly short-form and straight to the point to help engage the readers. If you want to keep on top of the latest PPC trends, PPC Hero is the perfect blog to subscribe to.

Most digital marketers are familiar with HubSpot. The company is an industry leader in email and CRM software and has a blog filled with rich content to support those areas. Everything you read on HubSpot is high-quality information without the fluff you get on other blogs. The content provokes thought and contains advice that digital marketers can get using right away.

The HubSpot blog offers everything from hands-on guides to surveys, infographics, videos and more for PPC marketers.

KlientBoost is a team of PPC experts that manage hundreds of client accounts to ensure they get a return on their advertising investment.

The blog is full of tips and tricks on how to improve your PPC campaigns, ranging from Google Ads to Facebook Ads and more. The content is suitable for all levels of PPC marketer, featuring how-to style articles for beginners and more technical topics for experts.


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